Thursday, July 4, 2013

Study In North Cyprus

Study In North Cyprus

North Cyprus, like any other country is a wonderful place to study. To prepare to study in in North Cyprus, International students are advised to research carefully on the beginners Requirements, Admission process, Visa Requirements, cost of living, about the country, Economy, Temperature and after that, students ought to check out their selected courses carefully to make sure that they are accepted by their preferred institutions. North Cyprus has some of the best Universities with a powerful ranking in the World and are recommended by most education agents as a destination to study. Most Popular universities in North Cyprus like the Girne American University and the Cyprus International University Offer Preparatory Courses for International Students. Language of Instruction is another necessary requirement to look into when preparing to study in Northern Cyprus at some of the universities offer courses in different Language. In most cases, English is the best Choice for international students and by this, International student must pass the exams given to them by Examination International Bodies like ESL/EFL, TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT etc. based on the type of body accepted by the University or institution. Another important thing to look into is the student's Financial Background. A good financial background is almost always a prerequisite and part of admission Requirement.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Study In Belarus 

Belarus is one of the best places to study in Europe. There are many renowned medical universities as well as Technological Universities in Belarus. Some Classical Universities in the Republic of Belarus offer courses in both of the above mentioned institutional Categories. To study in  Belarus, students are to be better prepared for the requirements to gaining admission into any institution in the country. The major known Medical Universities in the republic of Belarus are Grodno State Medical University, Gomel state medical University, Vitebsk State Medical University and Belarusian State medical University. These universities are highly equipped with the required libraries, enabled environment, Medical qualification and standard accreditation, World Class recommendation to international students etc. The Technical and Technological Universities include: Belorussian National Technical University, Belorussian State Technological University, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio-electronics, Brest State Technical University, Homiel State Technical University, Vitebsk State Technological University all equipped with the best technological equipment of the present day with conducive teaching environment. Student who chose to study in Belarus should make researches about these universities before making a move.


Study In Canada

To study in Canada, there are lot of information needed. Canada is one of the best destinations to study. International students who want to study in Canada need to be better prepared on the necessary criteria and needed information for getting admission to study in Canada. There are hundreds of universities and colleges in Canada and most of these universities and colleges are of very high standard. Every year, thousands of international students from across the globe troop into Canada for studies in their respective fields or Courses of choice. To better prepare international students to study in Canada, We have put forward the following steps:
  1. Since Canada has two major Languages of instruction; that is: English and french; any student who want to study in Canada must have eligibility in any of these languages, and the student must be credible in any of the languages to be eligible for admission to study in Canada.
  2. To study in Canada, it is advisable for students to study or search critically about the country, the Economy, the weather condition, Government Policies, Cost of Living, Culture, Geography and Education system.